Compost Fairies at their best!

The Compost Fairy is bringing another option for sustainable living in Memphis, TN. We know you care about the environment. We want to help you put that into action & live your values. Let’s make our community an even greater place to live. The Compost Fairy takes seemingly useless material and turns it into what it’s meant to be – a beneficial soil amendment. But it’s even beyond that. We are an educational resource – a way to teach people about simple ways to reduce their impact on our environment. While we make this easy for you, the smallest steps can have profound impacts.

This means less food waste in our already overflowing landfills! By simply composting these kitchen scraps, we help eliminate approximately 16% of methane emissions in the US (the single largest source of methane pollution).
You can reduce your personal carbon footprint by letting the Compost Fairy collect your food scraps and lawn waste, then we make it magically turn into a renewable product. Through this experience, we hope we all start thinking about how to consume things in a way that wastes less. As we grow, the Compost Fairy is committed to creating sustainable job opportunities in Memphis that pay a living wage.

The Compost Fairy is also a proud partner in a city-wide reforestation effort aimed at improving environmental services and public health. Watch Facebook for upcoming events:

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